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Breast cancer surgery along with obtaining a favorable result from a cosmetic procedure


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All types of breast reconstruction surgeries, including reconstruction with body tissue or prosthesis


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Age-appropriate periodic examinations and cancer risk for age periods

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Diagnosis and drainage of breast abscess and cyst


Breast-tissue sampling

Performing needle sampling (with thin needle and core)


Counseling and prevention

Online medical consultations in the field of benign and malignant breast diseases

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In order to be able to significantly help patients who do not have easy access to medical centers or to doctors who wish to be in contact and receive medical advice from them, we have set up a online clinic to These accesses should be easier and the possibility of using the knowledge of doctors should be possible for everyone.

Perhaps the most worrying symptom for the patient is breast pain. A woman who feels pain in the breast area is usually anxious and worried that she might get cancer. On the other hand, pain is not considered a very important symptom for a doctor, it is a symptom that bothers the patient, but in less than 10% of the cases, the symptom is It is the beginning of a breast cancer. However, this pain is naturally less worrying when it is periodic, when it is in younger women or when it is during breastfeeding or pregnancy. The older the patient is and the more this pain is felt at a certain point and continues throughout the month, the more important this pain becomes.

To deal with breast diseases, the first step is to increase awareness among women. In fact, because this disease is silent and does not have very loud symptoms, it may exist in a woman's body for a long time and she is not aware of it. Therefore, the important thing is that women should be sensitive to their own health and know the symptoms of the disease well, otherwise the rest of the cases will not be of sufficient benefit. This disease is very curable if diagnosed in the early stages. The starting point of the fight against this disease starts with respectable women themselves.


I have a thousand hopes and every thousand is you!

Getting this disease never means the end of life. To face breast cancer and to be your best advocate and advisor, you must first know what you are facing. You should know what breast cancer is and how you can live with it.

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